About Tif Holmes - tifholmes

Tif Holmes is a photographer based in Lubbock, Texas. While experienced and fully capable in a broad range of photography environments, Tif has a special interest in fine art portraiture and headshots, stage photography (music, theatre, dance), and advertising photography for organizations that promote the arts and arts education. She is formally trained as a musician (DMA, Texas Tech University, 2009) and has over twenty-five years of experience as a performer and educator. As a result, she has developed a nuanced approach to photographing artists, and is highly sought-after by musicians, thespians, and dancers in the Lubbock community and beyond.

Tif is also an avid backpacker and nature photographer. You can view and purchase her nature photography at From Wild Places (fromwildplaces.com). If you're interested in supporting Tif's traveling and outdoor work in another creative and personal way, consider signing up as a patron at patreon.com/tifholmes.

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