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Lubbock Portrait & Headshot Photographer

Tif Holmes is a fine art portrait and nature photographer currently based in Lubbock, Texas. With over twenty years of experience in the performing arts as a musician and educator, and over ten years behind a camera, she has developed a unique style of photographing artists, particularly musicians. In addition to fine art portraiture, Tif is a nature photographer whose work reflects a lifetime of magical experiences in ‘wild places’ and her determination to protect those places and their nonhuman inhabitants. Her nature photography can be found here: www.fromwildplaces.com


"At the heart of photographic expression, for me, is connection. I strive to develop honest and deep connections with my subjects, whether human or nonhuman, and create images that reveal a deeper awareness of The Human and The Wild and the interconnections between them. I enjoy meeting and working with people in the unique setting of a portrait session and creating for them a visual statement of who they are. Everyone has very different life experiences, and I wish to honor those experiences in every photograph I make."


"Whether it's a flower or a face Tif has the capacity to capture the unexpected. That may be as simple as the way a breeze catches hair or clothing, or the play of light reflecting off of a nearby surface. It may also be as intriguing as catching a glimpse into a subject's hidden persona, often surprisingly playful and sometimes revealing unforeseen shadows. I can always recognize a Tif Holmes photograph, either landscape or portrait. I see something in her art that I wouldn't have seen on my own." - Lisa Garner Santa

"I bought a session for my friends as a baby present and it could not have been simpler with Tif! She responded quickly, made the process very clear and simple, and the gift certificate she made for me to present to my friends was magnificent. Would highly recommend." - Jonathan P.

"Tif is a great photographer! She took some professional headshots of me on very short notice. She did a nice job editing the photographs, and got them back to me very quickly! Highly recommended." - Sarai B.

"Tif does professional, personal, and family photo sessions. Each session is comfortable, skillful, and memorable. I have friends and family ask how to get in contact with this photographer. I despise having my photograph taken, Tif made each experience enjoyable. I strongly recommend her services to everyone." -Brian G.

"I have bought prints of various works by Tif, and also had couple headshot sessions with her. She is very organized and professional, and results are always above my expectations. Tif's photos resonate with me on a personal level, and every once in a while there is another new shot in her library that I just must have as a print. I have also purchased wonderful greeting cards with her images - unique way to congratulate your friend, or colleague. Last, but not least, Tif photographed and video-filmed several live performances (music, theater, dance), and she definitely has that uncanny way to pull out certain faces, figures, special moments shared among performers, or with audience. I highly recommend her professional services, especially because she is the kind of an artist that is constantly in search of new angles and ways to create art." -Nataliya S.

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